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Louisa Pancoast

Performer. Maker. Writer.



Louisa received her formal training in her home state of New Hampshire. She is a graduate of the Certificate Program at Peridance, New York, NY, and was part of the inaugural group at the Barton Movement's Axis Connect. Louisa has had the privilege of performing for such choreographers as Yvonne Rainer at the Museum of Modern Art, Diego Funes, Pat Catterson, Sommer Ulrickson and Alexander Polzin, Cleo Mack and Rock Dance Collective, Pramila Vasudevan, Ashley McQueen, Michelle Thompson-Ulerich, Emily Bufferd, Jacqueline Dugal, Monica Hogan, Yuki Hasagawa, and Joyce King. Louisa has appeared in videos directed by The Kuperman Brothers and Gierre Godley; and has served as performer and movement director for rapper Lando Chill's music video, Light Her and Diego Funes' short film, ABSENCE. 

Louisa has found a niche in the interdisciplinary art world, collaborating with visual artists to choreograph and perform in their installations. She has had the pleasure of working alongside Melissa Stern for Strange Girl Dances, at Garvey|Simon, and HouseBroken at -the gallery LTD-; and Evan Paul English for Pinch Back at Main Window, DUMBO. Her other choreographic endeavors include an adaptation of W.B. Yeats' play Purgatory produced by Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, and First in Half, Then in Quarters, produced by Mixily Presents. She is also the Associate Director of De Funes Dance, and sits on the Development Board for Smashworks Dance. Most recently, Louisa received the \Art grant from Cornell Tech for her research with aero technology and dance.

In addition to performing, Louisa holds her B.A. in English Literature and Art History from New York University. She is interested in finding the intersections between different mediums and modes of communication in all of her work.



Performance Reel

Featuring work by Pat Catterson, Pramila Vasudevan, Diego Funes, Michelle Thompson Ulerich, Melissa Stern, Jacqui Dugal, and Monica Hogan. Edited lovingly by Jacqueline Donahue.




HouseBroken: Melissa Stern and Louisa Pancoast at -The Gallery ltd-, New York

Ceramics Now, October 13, 2021

A press listing for HouseBroken, a collaborative exhibition by Melissa Stern and Louisa Pancoast.



A dance film with Diego Funes
On view in perpetuity

In Absence, mind and body are in conflict. A character contemplates the absence of a loved one in analytical detachment, while the body yearns for the physical sensation of being touched, held, cherished. We figure out who we are and how view ourselves based on how we interact with other people.

Absence asks who we are when everyday interaction is removed. Created in New York City in response to social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Absence finds its central figure working to offset a present reality where nothing changes until finally being able to hit reset. But even then, can we actually restart, or do we merely adapt to a new reality? And is a new beginning what we really need?


Be excellent to each other

Large gatherings are on hiatus and a physical wedge has been shoved between us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share. Be kind to each other. Stay patient. Stay graceful. See you on the other side.


Additional Services



Grant and publicity writing for dancers and choreographers

In addition to performing, Louisa has worked for both non-profit and commercial arts organizations as a writer. Her dual roles as artist and writer have given her a unique insight into translating the physical into the verbal. She offers grant and marketing writing on a freelance basis.


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